About Us

Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption Center is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of abandoned and abused dogs in the Lake Chapala area of Jalisco Mexico.  Lucky Dog is run solely by a group of dedicated volunteers.  Why don’t you come join us in our important work!

Operational Teams

The Operational Committee is the group that makes day to day operational decisions for the shelter. These are generally decisions that are too complex or far reaching to just be decided upon by the people working at the shelter on any given day, but do not rise to the level of needing a decision by the Board of Directors. Examples would be difficult or unusual intake decisions and decisions about changes in protocol. Sometimes this group is asked to meet with the vets if we have generalized health concerns about the shelter. The people serving on this group will change periodically, but the members must be willing and able to make quick decisions via email. The members must work hands on at the shelter, be familiar with the dogs, and have a clear understanding of the day to day operations. As of November of 2014 the committee consists of 8 people: Janet Kilburn, Bob McKeown, Chris Bublin, Carolyn Cothran, Cindy Peters Zeier, Barbara Colbert, Cameron Peters, and Shelley Ronnfeldt. In votes taken by the Operations Committee, the majority rules.

Dog Care:  Responsible for overseeing the care of the dogs, including training, meds, vet coordination, and food.  The committee is as follows:  Chairperson Janet Kilburn.  Members:  Susan Eubanks, Janet Kilburn (share the responsibility of meds and vet coordination), Emily Crocker and Chris Bublin (share responsibility of training), and Janet Kilburn in charge of food.

Communications:  This group is responsible for keeping accurate information on our website and Facebook pages. This may also include Chapala.com and similar webboards.   This group will need to work closely with the Fundraising/Marketing Group.  Chairperson:  Cindy Peters Zeier.  Member:  Linda Rudisell-Hines.

Fundraising/Marketing:  This group is in charge of Fundraising events, outreach (including the Monday table and donation jar at Ladron’s ), advertising, press releases, and tee shirts (ordering, inventory, storage).  Chairperson: Barbara Colbert.  Members:  Sandy Nichol, Darleen Pike, Paula Myers, Jim Schlicht, and Chris Bublin.

Grounds and Structures:  This group is in charge of repairs and maintenance of the physical structure, ensuring housekeeping is done for both humans and dogs, and maintaining adequate supplies for cleaning, garbage disposal, laundry, etc.  This group is NOT in charge of keeping adequate supplies of dog food.  Chairperson:  Bob McKeown. Members:  Susan Eubanks (in charge of inventorying supplies and either purchasing needed items or notifying others what needs to be purchased).   Other members include Dave Pike, Joe Loutey, and Michael Kilburn (these members can be called upon for simple repairs and projects in the physical structure).

Finance:  This group provides oversight for finances and accounting.  Chairperson:  Bob McKeown ( also Treasurer for the AC Board), Paula Myers, Jim Schlict, and Dave Pike.